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This blog post was written for a client who was running a 5 day challenge. It was meant as a preview to what would be covered within the challenge. Several links were added to the post to lead to the challenge sign-up page.

This full, Long-Form Sales Page was written for a client who was leading her customers through a 5 day bootcamp. This piece of her funnel will lead them to her Christian Life-Coaching membership which opens quarterly.

This is an Opt-In that leads to an affiliate page that is meant for a newer business owner in order to set up systems and tools to have a more professional appearance as they start out in business.

This was written for an open cart sequence for The Clickworthy Copywriting Certification course. It is a full long-form sales email that includes deliverables for the high-level group certification program.

This email was written for a membership and is a sequence that is sent autimatically to a potential client who has landed on the “Add To Cart” page but didn’t finish the purchase. This email is a reminder to get them to link back to the purchase.

Here is a 5 email sequence that the client recieves after they Opt-In to a free offer. The sequence is meant to warm up and create connection with the new potential customer. An Up-Sell sequence is always suggested after the inital nurture sequence ends.

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