Coaching and Mentoring

with Jodi

How Does One on One Coaching Work?

1. We will have you fill out an application in order to start your journey with Jodi. Jodi only works with a few students at a time so that she is not over-scheduled and so that you get her focused attention while working with her. There may be a waiting list from time to time so please put in your application right away to get the process started.

2. Once your application has been reviewed, Jodi’s team will contact you via email so that you can ask any questions you may have.

3. From there, our team will let you know whether your application has been accepted and you will schedule a free 30 minute phone call with Jodi just to make sure you are the right fit for the work we will be doing going forward.

4. Your down-payment or full payment will be made within 48 hours of your acceptance into the coaching mentorship or you will forfeit your spot to the next person in line.

5. Once your sessions start, your first coaching session with Jodi will be a full hour-and-a-half breakthrough session that will identify your needs, goals and desires along with a game plan for our time together. You will then meet on a weekly basis (one hour per week) over Zoom for the remainder of your sessions.

6. In between sessions, you are able to message Jodi during business hours via Voxer (or another agreed upon service).

What Types Of Things Do People Need Coaching On?

Everyone’s needs are different and completely separate from one another. But here are only a few examples of what I help clients with.

* Productivity and Time Management

* Misunderstandings with co-workers

* A rough spot in their marriage

* An ongoing rift with a mother-in-law or other family member

* Wanting to take a leap in their career

* Making a job change

* Feeling like they have no time to be joyful and present in their lives

* Wanting to stop judgement and self-sabotage of themselves and of other people

*Coronavirus related anxiety and overwhelm

* Some need coaching on a combination of things as well

Again, there are so many things that I help people with.

*The only requirement is that you are mentally healthy. If you do have a diagnosis or possible diagnosis of any type of  mental illness, I suggest you work with a licensed therapist.*

Option One:

One on One Coaching with Jodi.

This is a 6 or 12 week package where Jodi will work with you to uncover what is uniquely yours in your life.

She will hold space for your own journey.

She will walk you through a process that will help you to uncover generational blocks that subconsciously hold you back and help you to break through those barriers.

She will guide you to stack and level-up your growth through each week of your one on one journey together.

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